The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

It’s the little things

Every day in renovation does not bring huge changes.  The beginning was big as everything was ripped out it was beyond exciting…it looked…big.  But right now it’s all in the interim bit…not so much huge things happening that we can see.  So you have to notice smaller projects that are going on.  Two were kinda cool last night…

All the piping from the mains water were lead.  Which is not so good (from what I’ve been told).  So all that piping is being ripped up and replaced by plastic.  So I guess it’s all begun…

This is our bath tap.  On the left is the water control, right the tap, middle bit stops the water coming out.  It’s much more modern than I would have picked out…but Roy was in charge of the bathroom (I got everything else, so it’s kinda fair).  But looking at it, and knowing the other hardwear that’s going to be part of our shower, I think it’ll be quite nice.  So we’ll have the taps coming out of the wall on the side of the bath and the shower on another wall…it’s going to be a thermostatic shower which is similar to many that you find in gyms in London (from what I’ve noticed):


The actual shower head is attached to a flexible metal tube which comes out of the bottom.  The strength of water is controlled by the left valve and the heat by the right (you can see a red button that you need to push in when you want it scalding hot…I won’t be using that).


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