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Week 3: framing begins

The framing of the loft outline has begun.  It’s quite cool to see what the room will potentially look like, though I’m not quite sure where the shower room will be (exactly) or what size it will be.  Or really where the doorway is going to go.  I can just see the outline of the entire structure.  It’s still very exciting for me!

This is the view toward where the staircase will be going.

Approximately where the bathroom will be located

Toward the front of the house and the slanted bit of the room.

The other corner of the room.


Week 2: steels

The steels have arrived!  They are meant to be fully in by Tuesday when we’ll have an inspection for Building Regulations.  These steels will go across the flooring of the loft conversion so that it’s safe to walk on the floor and to support the new roof.  The old steels will be removed as they don’t fully fit.  From here, things should move reasonably quickly.

Week 1-1/2: a view from the top

We were able to go and check out our building site today and actually see the work which has been done.  Upon heading up to the first floor (second floor for you US peeps), we could see some damage to the ceiling above the stairs.  We expected this and know that they’ll have to replaster and paint most of the ceiling of this first floor.  There’s going to be dust EVERYWHERE.

We then saw that the staircase up to the loft was still in existence and was stable, so up we went…

This whole area is going to be gone eventually as they remove the staircase and put a new one in (in a different area).

It’s wild to see everything gone.  Freaky.  I can’t wait to see what happens with it all over time!

I’ll update again next Sunday.  We’ll see what we can see!

Week 1: bye bye roof!

So, yup, as it says in the title, the roof of our house is no longer.  It has totally be taken down and it’s filled up an entire rubbish container.  I only had time for one picture, so here it is:

You can now see through to the other side of the protective plastic.  It definitely feels more real now.  I guess it’s time to start shopping for bathroom things, thinking about flooring and the like! Wahoo!

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