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Day 2

We went over to the house tonight to meet up with the builder.  As you will see, in the pics below, they’ve done a lot of work on demolition.  That’s the positive.  The negative is what they’ve found while tearing down the wallpaper and ceilings (of course).  This house has not been touched since it was first built, probably in the early 1900s.  And the walls are falling apart, the wood is not so great.  There’s a lack of insulation.  So, there will be some extra expenses, which is always part of building.  On the positive side, it means we’ll be good to live there for ages.

And how cute is the wallpaper in the one room? It was clearly was a kid’s room!

2016-05-31 20.58.33


2016-05-31 20.58.47 2016-05-31 20.58.52 2016-05-31 20.58.58 2016-05-31 20.59.09

Weight room (once a kid’s room)

2016-05-31 20.59.54


2016-05-31 21.00.00

Extra bedroom

2016-05-31 21.00.06

2016-05-31 21.00.11

2016-05-31 21.00.19

The bathroom

2016-05-31 21.01.39


2016-05-31 21.03.25

2016-05-31 21.05.50

2016-05-31 21.07.05

Groundfloor & stairs


Renovations begin again!

It’s time for the Vale House renovations to begin.  It’s taken us a while to get here, but it’s going to be great!  I’ll update as we go along.

To get it started, here’s a link to my Youtube video I took of the empty house.  Pictures to follow!

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