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Week 16: prepped and ready

Nothing too exciting to report this week.  Basically, it’s a waiting game until items arrive.  So the guys have been prepping things in anticipation.

The flooring is ready in the ground floor for the underfloor heating to be laid.

The walls in the living room have been prepped for plastering.

And the outside of the house has begun to be plastered so that they can put the final surface on it (very awesome protective stuff).  It’s a silicone rendering which will help protect the house.  We’ve chosen this colour:


The week ahead will bring the underfloor heating being put into the ground floor and the walls being prepped and plastered.  The week after is when things get exciting – bi-folding doors put in, oak flooring being put in and waxed…wahoo!


Week 15: walls are down, skylight is up

The walls have finally come down in the kitchen and the steels have gone up.  It’s now one big, huge room.  Honestly, I think that room is bigger than my first flat.  In addition, the skylight has been placed where it’s going to be (though still covered with film so its full glory is not to be seen yet) and the doorway to the back garden has been measured (so we’ll hopefully have the bi-folding doors in a few weeks).  Not much else has happened in the house other than the corner toilet has been put in place in the loft bathroom.  But it’s still SO EXCITING!

We did a walk through and figured out where all the lights are going, where the electrical sockets should be placed and what else might need to be changed.  It’s going to be fabulous when it’s done.  I hope.

On my side, I’ve ordered the English solid oak wood flooring from Northwood Forestry Limited.  We’ll have to finish it at the house but I like that idea – it gives us the ability to choose whether to keep the natural wood colour or stain it a bit.  The flooring is meant to be used with underfloor heating and was just about the same cost as good engineered wood flooring.  Yay!

I’m quite certain we’ve selected our tiling for the backsplash, but I’m not going to share it ahead of time.  There needs to be a few fun reveals, ya know!

So, here’s the collection of photos from this weekend to check out:

New door handles have been selected

It’s a tight fit and a small bathroom but it will work.


Wall covering have been removed - discovered a bricked in fireplace.  We're not using it as it just won't work with the rest of the room.  Plus it'd be darn expensive to fix it up.

Wall covering have been removed – discovered a bricked in fireplace. We’re not using it as it just won’t work with the rest of the room. Plus it’d be darn expensive to fix it up.

Steel beams are in place

More steel beams and the pyramid skylight is in place.


Week 14: FINALLY! (extension is going to happen)

The contractor finally got information from our structural engineer.  And then he ordered the steel support beams.  AND THEY ARRIVED.  Wahoo!

Two of them are partially in place (according to contractor, he needed about his entire crew of 10 men to put it in place as it was not in a place where he could use any mechanical means) and one is in place in the front hall.  There are two more to be put up, but they are smaller beams, and then they will make sure everything is secured.  Wahoo.  The extension can finally be built.

What this means is that we’ll be ready for the kitchen install in about 3 weeks.  So, it’s been put on order for delivery as of today.  I’ll be ordering our 95 square metres of solid wood oak flooring today as well (holy heck that’s a lot of wood – and very expensive stuff too but it’ll be worth it).  And we’ll be able to get the window/door guy out to measure for our bi-folding doors on Friday.  Things are starting to come together!

We should be ready to move in within 6-8 weeks (hopefully).  Not much too place this past week as they want to build the extension and see how the house settles – they can then do a bit of plaster work if cracks appear (normal).  We’ll then be ready for painting, floor laying, and finishing of the bathrooms.

The next few weeks will bring on the big changes.  VERY exciting.

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