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Slowly moving

Nothing much has happened this week at our house.  The guys have brought in equipment which is on the ground floor and outside, but that’s about it.  I have to admit it’s frustrating to see (what feels like) nothing happening when you are all geared up to go.  I know they don’t have a skip, so that’s probably why they haven’t begun any tear down yet.  I’m just being a bit impatient!


And it has begun!

The scaffolding is up on our Cumbrian house.  It began last week and finished on Monday.  So exciting!  What that means is that the guys will start work tomorrow (as guaranteed by our builder, who I spoke to this morning).  I have laid out tea, coffee & biscuits (cookies, for you Americans reading this) for the workmen and put in a load of toilet tissue paper.  Not sure what the first steps will be…but I’ll certainly be posting them soon!  I hope to get in and take pictures on Sunday.  Exciting!

Our loft conversion…original house & plans for current house

I think we’re going to have to talk about current versus original houses.  There’s so much going on right now around both houses.

Current house: we have invited an architect to design our ground floor as we decided to actually pull down all the walls between the kitchen and dining area/conservatory…and build into the conservatory.  We’re also going to add a shower room to the top floor where my mother-in-law has her bedroom.  So excited.  It means we are cancelling our bathroom order from Wickes and we’ll probably change the bathroom order as well.  We’ll pretty much put in all new flooring, paint most of the rooms, etc.  It will look like a different house!

Original house (aka the one that features in this blog originally): we are starting the work on 16 September (well, that’s when they’ll put up the scaffolding).  Yay!  I took a video of what the space currently looks like and what I hope it will look like. It’s here on Youtube.  Enjoy!

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