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Week 10: almost there

Holy cow.  The work is almost finished, with an expectation that almost everything will be done by Friday.  Our builder is going away for the holidays, so we’ll come back together during the first or second week of January to do a final snag list and then the handover.  We’ll be able to move in February if we’d like.  This week I’m going to start really looking for carpet for the loft bedroom, small bedroom on the first floor, the hallway on the first floor and the staircases from the ground to first and first to second floor.  We’ll be keeping with greys for most of it.  I have a lot of pics of the work below.  Once we get the carpet in and furniture all set up, I’ll do another video to show the before and after.


As you can see the scaffolding is finally down, so you can see how the loft has been built up.  Here’s the before:


23612186272_238e173b54_n 23694623166_6209419180_n

The hallways and small bedroom lights.  They fit with the other lights in the house.


The staircase going up to the loft.  Needs another coat of paint, but I’m liking it so far.


The handrail which will be painted a darker grey than the hall colour (which is a very pale grey).


The shower is being fit…still needs some grout work done.  But I love, love, love these tiles.  We’ll add some glass shelved for shampoo & that stuff.


Where the higher tiles end is where the glass panel will go for the shower. You can also see the grey floor tiles which I think compliments the teal metro tiles nicely.  I have to find a good toilet roll holder – not sure yet what to get.  It’ll be placed in front of the radiator.


The corner sink & cabinet (not fully in place yet) were chosen due to the small size of the bathroom.  I think they will work well in there.


I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but it will be the light fixture in the bedroom – there will be 8 bulbs and it will be placed in a pattern that works to light up the entire room.  Hoping it works and looks okay.

So glad that it’s almost over.  Next steps…the Vale house!


Week 9: paint and tile

The plaster has gone on and the primer has gone on as has the first layer of paint in the loft bedroom.  We’re still not sure about the bedroom colour but I think with the white ceiling it kinda works.  The grey floor tile and the blue wall tiles are going to look fabulous.  Very excited about this.

They’ve also started to take down the scaffolding so we can see what the house will look like in the end.








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