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Week 2: demolition continued and scaffolding

The house is looking decidedly different right now.  Not so much from the outside, though it is covered by scaffolding, but definitely in the inside.  We can now see the house starting to come down to the studs.  The original plan was to take down the wall paper (walls and ceiling…yes, wallpaper on the ceiling) and then skim and paint the walls.  Well, as the wallpaper came down, so did the walls.  The original plaster was in horrid shape, as were the slats underneath the plaster, which is not surprising as it’s from the 1920s.  We also got to see that there was little to no insulation in the ceilings.  We are going to be insulating between walls (sound proofing and retaining heat/cool in rooms) and then putting up some of the best insulation in the ceilings which are exposed to the roof (which would be the bathrooms on the first & second floors, office and the loft bedroom). Our house is going to be well insulated!

As it all came down, some interesting things came into show – an old bird nest in the ceiling of the office as well as a shirt stuck amongst the bits of insulation.



More pics can be found in my Flickr album: Golders Green house works.


Week 1: demolition

Well, week one is over and done with.  Most of the items which need to be taken out of the house have been and the scaffolding has begun to be put around the house (for roof repairs and new tiles).  We had the window/door company in and they gave us a quote (my brain is going to explode from the amount of money we’re spending) on 4 bay windows and bi-fold doors for the back of the kitchen (they are going to be amazing!).

I’ve taken a few more pics of the work and look forward to seeing what happens in the next week.

No more conservatory!

Chimney’s have come out (not the cute little ones…promise)


Bye, bye kitchen and “interesting” wallpaper that was under all that wood.

And some more interesting wallpaper:

Scaffolding on its way up

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