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We’re in!

Welcome to our new home.  We still have lots of work to do, but we’re pretty much moved in (though I admit that I’m still bringing over a few things a day at a time – today is bring over the gas bbq day!).

Here’s our new backyard/garden as the sun was setting.  Love having a park in the back!

Here’s a few pics of our finished bedroom, wardrobes, new dog bed and all:


All-in-all, we’re quite pleased with how it looks and feels.  The carpet is LUSH, the bedroom colour is what we hoped for and the furniture all fits into the wonky shaped space.

Next up…work will begin soon at our old house.  Pics to follow!


IKEA furniture is almost finished

Since there is absolutely no storage built into our new bedroom, we had to order some.  And as we found our current IKEA wardrobes to be fabulous, we decided to get them for our new bedroom, as well as two tall 5-drawer dressers.

We have finished the dressers and put together the carcasses of the wardrobes along with the doors (which need handles) this past weekend AND we didn’t even kill each other, which was amazing.  Today, I put together four of the drawers which will go into the wardrobes.  They’re going to fit perfectly with the bedside tables and the colours of the room.  It is a bit crowded (as you will see), but hopefully it won’t be a problem.  It’s something we can live with.

This weekend we’ll finish the wardrobes, fix the one dresser which seems to be leaning to the right and finish mucking out my FIL’s bedroom (we have so much more furniture and clothing to remove).  And then…moving day will be upon us.  SCARY!

(The piece to the left of the wardrobe is not a piece of furniture, but rather a component of the wardrobe).

This is the work I did today:

New furniture

We are adding new furniture to our future bedroom and our move date has been finalised. We’ve added two bedside tables from Marks & Spencer and purchased wardrobes and tall skinny dressers from IKEA (which will be delivered in two days).

Here are the bedside tables:

My project for next week will be to clean and work on the light fixtures in the room. Here are two pics of them. They are originals and fit with the 1920s style of the house and hopefully will work with everything we’re putting into the room.

I wish they were a brushed chrome or silver to go with our bed and bedside tables, but such is life. Right now we’re not interested in replacing them.

This weekend our tasks will be to put together the IKEA stuff (huge) and get rid of stuff from another bedroom. This is the biggie! There is more in this room than another of the others (we’ve already cleared two rooms) so it’ll be a challenge. Amazingly enough, almost every single thing we’ve put outside has been snatched up – from furniture to very old TVs to a lamp (ugliest thing I’ve seen).

Move in date: 17th JUNE!!!

Start of work on our current house: 13th JULY!!!

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