The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Changing your mind…

So we went in to talk to the builder and showed him what we wanted…

We decided against the Baumatic cooker with a single cavity, and are now going with a Caple gas cooker with two cavities – two gas ovens and a gas grill (in the top of the larger oven):

With two cavities, we’ll be able to cook two things at the same time at different temps, which will be VERY handy (especially if we want to do desert and dinner at the same time).  Thanks to all the UK-Yankee ladies for pointing this out!

We decided on this shower, but also added a fixed shower head above it.  We’ll have an adjustable one (like above) to use for cleaning the bath and also for help if we have dogs or kids.  I’m just used to having a fixed shower head…and it’ll be a nice one:

I’ve always wanted a lovely rainshower type of shower head!

We also made a final decision on our kitchen and went with the Keswick Kitchen.  While it looks less warm in this picture, it actually was a much better colour than the Shaker Winchester.  The door was nicer looking in terms of pattern and the type of oak used.  So we’re quite happy!  The handles that are suggested with it are the pitted pewter curved handle, which we’ve decided to go with…it looks a bit like this (though I think a touch more elegant):

It’ll be perfect with the traditional look of the kitchen as well as the black granite worktops.  The granite worktops are black with a touch of brownish bits in it.  I think it will all work out very well.

We’ve also chosen our colours for all the rooms and I’ll try to show you kinda what they will look like.  The entrance & hallways will have the colour of the wall on the left:

The study/library will be a golden yellow colour which will be lovely with the dark browns in the room:

The living room and eating area will be a lovely light green sort of colour with the kitchen being a slightly darker version:

And our bedroom is going to be a brighter green (though probably a bit lighter than this example):

We’re not yet certain about the second bedroom, though we’re leaning toward a clean light yellow or a pale sky blue.  Upstairs in the loft will remain a basic white.

So that’s it for now…more a few days later!


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One thought on “Changing your mind…

  1. I love reading about renovations and decorating, and it looks like your place will be quite lovely when you finish! I look forward to reading more about it here and on the IN board. GL with the paint.

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