The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

And the work continues…

Nothing too exciting, but work continues and problems are being found…

If you compare these two pics (from different vantage points), you can see that the wall between the old kitchen and the new section has gone…pic one still has quite a lot of brick along the connecting wall, whereas in pic two, it’s basically gone.  And the ceiling heights will be levelled off a bit more so that there isn’t such a HUGE discrepancy.  They were going to put in a ceiling anyway to check the insulation and then put in lots of spotlights.

The insulation is pretty crappy looking, so glad they will be replacing it…and another find…the floor boards in that area (which used to house a shower room) were completely rotted out…full of mould.  Don’t have a great pic of it, but here you can see most of the boards have been stripped out and you can see the black mould on some of them:


Most of the wallpaper has been stripped from every room.  And most had at least three layers of the stuff…yes, instead of stripping and putting it down new, they just layered on top of each other.  We are having all the walls stripped, then plastered and then painted.  It’ll look so much nicer!


So as they stip the flooring of the bathroom to put down new piping, get in materials to make new flooring, and do all that sort of work, we are making choices about colours to use all over.  And I think we’ve figured it out!  Unfortunately, the Crown website isn’t great to show off colours…but here is one example~


I think we’re using something similar to the second from left green for the kitchen (it’s much nicer than you can see there)..a really rich but not too dark sage green (mellow sage?)…which will be complimented by a lighter sage green (almost sage?) in the dining area & living room.

We’ve gone with a golden orange-yellow (Tibetan Gold) in the study, a very very light yellow (whisper of sunlight) in the hallways.  A really yummy green called mojito in the master bedroom.  And the second bedroom will be a lovely light yellow, sunrise.

Of course, these colours could all change, but I think we’re quite happy with them.  I’m amazed that we won’t have any blues as DH loves them, but he’s also a fan of greens like me.


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One thought on “And the work continues…

  1. Looks great!!! I love the shades of green in the color selection.

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