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The final video

I know.  It’s been a while. We went on holiday, I got ill, things got in the way…you know the drill. But I finally got a chance to take the final renovation video.  Is the work all done? Not entirely, there’s things to change. But it’s mostly done (and what has to be done isn’t really all that visible).

So, here’s the “before” video.  Definitely check it out first so you can see the changes a lot better.

Youtube video of “before”

And this is our video of “after” (please note that I did not spruce up the house – it’s how we live – and it’s certainly NOT a show home).  Excuse my voice and brain farts.  I did this three times and I guess it’s how my brain works.  It’ll never be perfect.

Youtube video of “after”

If you want to see all the pics I took and saved, you can head to my Flickr album here: click

If you have any questions about where we purchased items, please get in touch.

I’ll update the blog as we put up new paintings, do the outdoors, etc.  Owning a home is a never ending bit of work!


Before pictures

This is the view from our front door.  Eventually we’ll pave the entire front as I HATE the concrete part of the drive.  It is a shared drive with our next door neighbor…so we’ll consult with them on this.

This is the entrance way and staircase.  We will change the flooring and the carpeting on the stairway as well as probably put in new railing as we’re not huge fans of what is up currently.  But for the time being it’s fine.

This is the bay window in the library, which is the first room you enter on the left.  We’ll be getting new carpeting and also put in a new fireplace (gas fire) as the current one doesn’t work well.  As you can see below, the surround for the fireplace is fine, so we’ll keep that.  We will most likely put in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace in the same dark wood.  And paint the walls…maybe a red or orange colour?

This is the fireplace in the living room.  As the room is small, we may get rid of it…but if not, then we’ll definitely replace it totally as it’s not attractive at all!  We’ll be putting bamboo flooring in this room and use a rug to soften it up.

This part of the extension will be the dining area.  We will replace the current door & windows with french doors to open up to the garden (back yard).  We’ll have tiles on the floor of the kitchen/diner.

This is the current kitchen (yuck!) and the extension.  We’ll be turning this galley kitchen into a downstairs loo, put in a wall and make the other part into the laundry room.  The extension will turn into a kitchen/diner.  We plan on putting in underfloor heating under the tiles.  Mmmm…warm flooring!

The upstairs bathroom.  Not the greatest tiles, use of space or other stuff.  We’ll totally re-do it.  Totally.  Can’t wait!

This is the master bedroom.  It will need new carpet and we’ll have to put in new closets.  The same will apply to the second bedroom.

This is the loft conversion.  The one room we won’t touch right now.  Eventually we’d like to redo the loft conversion to make it bigger & nicer, with an ensuite shower room and thus make it into our master bedroom.  We’ll have to save a lot more money to do that.

We’ll be painting EVERYTHING in the house.  It’s gonna be a lot of work overall, but it will be worth it!  Stay tuned!

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