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Week 36: a bed and toaster

We’re still waiting for everything to be finalised. Yup, waiting.  I’m hoping that it’ll happen soon as we’ve made a few decisions, such as having a small deck instead of a step coming out of the back folding door.  It won’t be very big, but at least big enough to put our bbq grill, and allow Barney, our dog, to lie out in the sun.  We’re trying to decide between wood and composite.

Barney is happy as we purchased him a new bed for the living room.  As an older dog, he’s struggling a bit with the hardwood flooring, so we bought him a very, very large pillow/bed.  It takes up a lot more space than I expected but it fits him, even when sprawled out fully.

Barney, the bed and his favourite black sockie.

We had to buy a new toaster as my husband broke the old one.  The old toaster had done it’s job for a long time (probably 9 to 10 years).  I searched quite a bit for a replacement.  There’s a LOT of options out there, but the one thing I knew I wanted was a four piece toaster.  Oh, and I’d prefer one that was either black or silver.  I looked at the ratings and the one we bought came in quite highly rated for its price.  So, here it is:

I love the look.  I think it’s fabulous.  And it has the features I wanted.  Hopefully, it will work well too!  (DeLonghi Black Brilliante 4 slice toaster)


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