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Bedrooms, Study & Entrance

I have finally gotten rid of all the junk that was lying around in the bedrooms.  So I’ve been able to take a few pics to show what the new wardrobes look like (but not the interior as of yet…still working on putting stuff inside neatly).  So here they are, along with views of the new bedding.

The master bedroom:


And now the guest bedroom.  You can see the wardrobes (which go so well with the bed) and the linen (which will go with the wine coloured drapes which have STILL not gone up).


(This is not black…my camera colouring just isn’t great…not sure why)

The two armchairs for the study finally arrived on Friday at 5pm.  They are a microfiber fabric & quite comfy – almost a 1-1/2 size chair.


Finally, here is the entrance with it’s shoe rack.  Soon to come will be a coat rack in the same style.


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