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Week 33: you take the good…

There are quite a few things going well in the house right now so I decided to post afterall.  The first is that we actually have a working dishwasher and it’s better than I knew it would be.  We have a Siemens IQ700 dishwasher and it has a few features that are wonderful (or just fun):

In the fun category…the blue light.

In the useful category – you can put down every single prong on this thing, so you could do some major pots, if you were so inclined.  You can also move the middle and upper levels so that you can give more space to the bottom or top.  There’s also an attachment so you can put in baking trays. And the top level?  It’s a cutlery space  Wild, eh?  (I know, middle age has hit me hard when I get excited about such things)

I’m also loving the washing machine and dryer.  The washing machine is also from Siemens and the dryer is from Bosch.  It’s an amazing thing to be able to wash and dry a few loads of laundry in one day.

For those of you not in the know (aka, haven’t lived in London), most people have their washing machines in their kitchens due to space considerations.  And many do not have dryers for the same reason.  Luckily, we have a little space where the new boiler went that fit the dryer.

One of the other things I put in that room is a special hanging rod that you can fold away unless you are using it.  So, I can take my husband’s shirts out of the dryer and hang them immediately. LESS IRONING!

The tap and sink are finally working/installed on the island.  It’ll be great for veg and quick hand washes.

Another welcome addition to the island (and I’m currently using this one) are plugs on the sides.  We had hoped they would be placed more “inside” the island but it just didn’t work out.  This is fine.  On one end we have a plug with USB ports and the other is just a normal outlet.

So, things are looking up. We have some external lights, our security system seems to be doing what it is meant to be doing and we recently had a visit from Sky who connected my mother-in-law’s box to the dish, so she’s happy.  Hopefully all the work will be finalised shortly.  Not much more to come.


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