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Flowers and BBQs

It’s finally feeling a bit more like spring/summer weather and so flowers are coming up in the back garden. While we’re still quite weed infested and have a lot of things to figure out, in terms of what we want in the future, it’s beginning to look a lot better.  Here’s a few pics I took the other week:


In addition, my husband decided that he wanted to take on the task of building a brick BBQ for the side garden.  He’ll eventually also build a pizza oven next to it (I can’t wait to bake bread in there).

(it’s not actually wonky – bad camera work on my part)

We still have to clean it up a bit, but I’m quite pleased at what my husband has done.  We ordered a gorgeous (and freaking heavy) cast iron grate, the coal holder and a warming grate.  We’ll have to figure out how to protect the grates from rust, other than bringing it inside all the time. Searching for a suitable cover will begin shortly.


Week 40: new deck

Yup, we’re still going.  It’s basically at the stage of just getting a few fixes in things that aren’t working exactly the way they are meant to, adding a few small thing, etc.  I’m hoping, as per usual, that this week is the final week but who knows. We’ll see.

This week brought about our small deck.  It runs a bit past the length of the folding doors to the back garden.  We’ll put our bbq grill on it and, in the summer, can also relax on chairs out back.  While the dog is a big suspicious of the deck right now (scary cat), I have a feeling he’s going to love it.

The deck is not quite yet finished as I forgot to order the edging materials, but that’s something I can diy, so not too worried about it.   It’s made of composite, so won’t need treatment and will last for ages.  It has a look of real wood and goes well with the fencing we have next to it.  Quite pleased.  We got the materials from eDecks.

I look forward to seeing how we use it on a nice, warm sunny day.  I’m imagining sitting with a lovely glass of wine.

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