The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

The office decoration

Slowly but surely we’re starting to decorate the house.  We’re working on finding artwork we like and that works with our house.  It’s hard.  Harder than picking out paint colours or deciding kitchen cabinets.

We did add a few pics to our office.  We’re in love.

The first two are pieces of work that I used to have in my counselling office a few years ago at a school.  I love them as they are artwork by my step-father, Fitz.  They bring you in and make you wonder, what is this? Who are they? Are they people? Hmmm…  Perfect for a therapist.

The third piece was chosen by my husband and I’m quite pleased with it. A gorgeous print of the world, with an old world feel. We purchased the print and got it framed (holy expensive, batman).  It has a place of honour behind my couch.

Now our office is not just a swatch of blue.  There are all sorts of interesting items. I love spending time there!


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