The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Week 37: liquor cabinet & heating

Nothing much has been happening to the house.  Frustrating but accurate.  Here’s the list of what is left to be done:

1. Sticky master bedroom door needs to be fixed
2. Installing a deck outside the back
3. Fix the above the oven fan
4. Fix the extractor fan in the 1st floor bathroom
5. Finish off the external work – there are a few areas that aren’t completed on the walls, though the scaffolding is down
6. Re-finish the overhang in the front entrance, affix the external light
7. Finish the front entrance (put in brick and drainage)
8. Fix usb ports in living room plugs
9. Work in the garage – holes in the ceiling
10. Install radiator in office
11. Railing from ground floor to 1st floor is not stable.
What has happened?
We got a whole new smart thermostat system put in place.  It’s awesome.  We have the Honeywell Evohome.  It’s fabulous.  On the ground floor, we have a system attached to the underfloor heating and wireless sensors in the kitchen, living room and hallway, so we can set up different temps for each area.  The sensors look like this:
In all of the bedrooms (and eventually the office, once we get a radiator there), we have radiator controllers, which are also wireless.
And we have a controller sitting in our hallway though we can use an app on our phones to control everything as well.  Right now I have everything on a timer, so, for example, it’s cool at night in our master bedroom, warms up at about 6am, cools down again during the day and then warms up at about 6pm until 10pm.  For my mother-in-law, we have it set to be slightly warmer during the night and much warmer during the day as she spends so much time in her room.  I love the ability to make rooms as warm or cold as necessary, thus saving money and making it comfortable for those who are in the room.
The second thing we’ve done is to purchase a liquor cabinet.  You’d think that with all the space/storage in the new kitchen, we wouldn’t need such a thing, but it was getting annoying to have to pull out the island chairs every time we wanted to get a wine glass or some gin.  Certain things didn’t fit under there so we couldn’t place the alcohol in more reasonable locations.  So, a liquor cabinet it was – plus it gave us a place to put our tv (which is not shown in the picture below as we did that afterwards).  You can see the new chairs next to the cabinet too!
This piece of furniture was from IKEA.  It’s the Arkelstorp sideboard.  It’ll be handy to put some of the dishes we use for entertaining as well (example, I added the tea set after this picture).  It means we no longer have any items above the wall cabinets, leaving a much cleaner look.
That’s it.  We’re almost there (yes, I say that every week).  Can’t wait for the final video. One day.

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