The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Week 27: almost, but not quite

We’re so close.  So very close.  And yet, not quite there.

We planned to move on Monday, 19 December.  The flooring was meant to be done at least 8 days beforehand, so would have been “cured” perfectly well.  Even if everything wasn’t completed, we’d probably have electricity as well.  Now…who knows.

We arrived on Sunday morning to check out the floors on the ground floor.  While the colour is gorgeous, there were definitely some mistakes that have to be corrected.  I will not live with brush marks that are so distinct.


The week prior, I also noticed that the towel rack was placed, not over the toilet, but in the bathtub area.  So that had to be moved.  Luckily, it was and it’s fine.


On the positive side, the kitchen is looking good overall (still need to finish with tiling, move the extractor fan up and install the dryer), painting is pretty much done and we got our carpets in.  We’ll wait to see how the floors turn out, whether or not we get electricity turned back on and, we can hope that the weather gets nicer (it’s been rainy) so the outside of the house begins to dry so we can get the final coating of the render.



Edit: Just wanted to say that we have a move date – Dec 23rd.  So cross your fingers that the electricity turns on!



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