The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Week 20: painting & flooring

It’s starting to get exciting!  Our contractor has finished laying down the underfloor heating.  It’s so much better than the system we have in our current house.  And it was much more thoughtfully planned out than in our house.  I can’t wait to feel it under my feet as I stand at the stove cooking and while washing dishes. He has also had the guys begin the lay down the wood flooring.  It looks great and it hasn’t yet been sanded or waxed. Here’s a video of the work that has been done.

The Youtube Video link

In addition, they’ve begun the painting process and have finished up the tiling in the bathroom (though I had to order more grout and a few finishing bits.

It’s a bit dark (rainy) so you can’t really see how fabulous this blue is in the office.  It’ll make for a relaxing space for my counselling and when my husband works at home.  It’s only the first coat but still looks fabulous so looking forward to seeing what it’s like after a second coat.

My mother-in-law’s bedroom.  The colour is a bit of a vanilla white (slight yellowish tint).  It’s quite lovely and her style.  The fireplace has been primed and will be painted black.

The doorway is ready for the sliding door!

All of the paint we’re using is Dulux Trade Diamond Matt paint (except our bedroom).  The exact colour used in my mother-in-law’s room is Jasmine White.  The colour we’re using in the office is Sea Blue.


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2 thoughts on “Week 20: painting & flooring

  1. LAURELYNKERSEY on said:

    Hi Liane, The wall colors look great; I like them! Will Asha be able to use that little fireplace, or are you just keeping it as part of the house’s history, etc.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing the progress that’s made on the kitchen; so glad that you’ll get to enjoy the underfloor heating! I would Love It! (but I’ll never have it, unless the nursing home I end up in has it.)

    Have a great week, darling daughter!

    Love, Mom

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