The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Week 12: bathrooms and a few touches

In the past two weeks, we’ve picked out our final bathroom tile choices, began to pick out room colours and a few touches have been made as well as work on the garage and attached shed roofs.

Externally, the roof on the garage is looking quite good though it needs a bit of final work – here’s a pic from earlier in the week:

(And yes, there is work being done on the house next door)

As you can see they started pulling up the materials from the ground floor last week, and now, this week, actually got a lot of it up:


My husband is showing where the original flooring was located and where the new flooring will be located (we think):

These are the colours we’ll be using on the first floor (2nd floor for Americans):

The ground floor will be much more neutral but we like clean colours for bedrooms/bathrooms.  My mother-in-law’s room will be a neutral off-white colour (as she prefers that).

Tile has been installed (partially) in the main bathroom – it’s a bit messy in there but I think it’s going to look amazing once it’s done.

Bathroom stuff has begun to be put in my mother-in-law’s ensuite bathroom. It’s going to look fabulous once it’s done!

Here’s a glimpse of one of the items for the main bathroom – I’m in love!

What’s next?

The ground floor will continued to be emptied, the bathroom tiling will be finished and furniture installed, and, hopefully, if our structural engineer gets his finger out, they’ll be able to start work on the extension.  We’ve made one further change to the structure of the ground floor which I’ll reveal later.


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