The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two


So, we met with our builder yesterday.  While installing the fire alarms (they are heat sensitive and have to be wired in throughout the house due to regs), he discovered a few bad things:

  1. There appeared to have been a leak into the extension ceiling (kitchen) next to a light.  So, part of the ceiling was bad.
  2. The light wiring was done completely wrong in the kitchen – they had the junction box in the wrong place, they used the wrong types of wiring and lights.
  3. The above caused burning of a joist in at least one place in the ceiling.  Yes, fire.
  4. They used the wrong insulation in the ceiling, and it’s one that could have very easily caught fire due to the wiring/lights.

What does this mean?  They are going to have to pull down the entire ceiling, see what the damage is, fix what needs to be fixed and then we’ll have to buy all new lights.

Unfortunately, the guy who did the original work is out of business, or we’d sue him for all of this.  We were very naive when we had the work done originally and there were so many shortcuts that this guy took.  He was clearly a cowboy builder in a lot of ways.

Sigh.  One more expense to be had.  More time taken up. Bah!


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