The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Week 8: more walls & paint

The walls to the small bedroom on the first floor (2nd floor for you Americans) and the walls/ceilings around the staircase are all plaster-boarded.  We decided to go with an open staircase with spindles and a handrail.  It’s going to add so much more light to the whole area.

Not sure about my paint choice in the bedroom, as it’s very, very bold, but it’s a custom colour so I’m going to continue on with it.  If it looks horrible, then we can always lighten it ourselves before we put in carpet.  I tend toward the bold (hence the orange front room) but renters might not like it.  I probably should have gone with white or pale grey. Oh, well.


Now you can see the small bedroom and how the staircase will look being more open.  They’ll use the end post to start the handrail.  The handrail will look like the one on this landing.


Looking down the stairs (it’s not really as dark as it seems – darn phone camera)


Once the walls get painted, they’ll be ready to put in the switches.


Plastering and priming on its way


The very bold teal colour.  It came up more green than reality, but you can see how bright it is going to be.  We’ll see.  I love the colour but it might be better as an accent versus a whole bedroom.  The area where the Velux windows are located plus the ceiling will be white, so it might work out.  We can always paint over it!

Couldn’t get a good pic, but the bathroom is looking ready for all its stuff – and we can see where it’ll go (they drew lines all over).  Exciting!


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