The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Week 7-1/2: walls & stairs

The new staircase is in!  And insulation and walls are up (mostly).  They have cut the holes for the loft space doors.  And are ready to begin painting (should be done by this weekend).

I still have to order a toilet (as the one I originally ordered won’t work), get a thermostatic mixer shower kit, find an extractor fan that fits the hole, buy all the paint, buy grout & beading for the tiles, find a handrail for the stairs and a new tap for the bathroom on the first floor (second floor for all you US peeps) as it was leaking.  Eventually, we’ll have to get new carpet for all the stairs, the hallway and the bedroom.  I’m checking that out tomorrow.

We’ll be doing a light teal colour in the bedroom, white above the teal tiles in the bathroom, a very light blue-ish grey in the stairwell & new 1st floor bedroom.  I think we’ll have to repaint the entire hallway on the ground and first floor – probably just use magnolia (a basic white) as it’s cheap & cheerful.

Here are my phone photos taken as I was answering & asking questions of our contractor/builder:


This is the view toward the new single room and the new staircase.  You can see that the wall is being built for the single room and the staircase is in.


We need to decide if we’re going to put a wall coming down to the left of the staircase or put in the handles and leave it open.  Any thoughts?

22692842713_aeb4a6e1ce_n    23237372871_02d5ecafe1_n


Back of house – insulation in and plasterboard up.


Front of house – holes are where the doors to the storage space will be located.


Bathroom walls all waterproofed.  Waiting for shower tray & waste unit before doing floors.

Looking forward to seeing what this weekend brings.  Shopping ho!


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2 thoughts on “Week 7-1/2: walls & stairs

  1. Evelyn K on said:

    re: stair wall or open? how about splitting the difference, i.e., spindles similar to the railing outside the 1st floor bedrooms along with a handrail? it’s not as closed in as a wall, but still gives some protection against someone’s falling through the opening.

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