The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Decisions Made!

It’s so very scary to make decisions.  Are you going to get them right?  Will they work?  Will they look horrible?  I’m hoping that the decisions I made (with some input from the husband) will end up looking fabulous.  While we aren’t going to be living in the Cumbrian house for long (it’ll be a rental eventually), I still want it to look lovely.

As the bathroom is small, I went for a corner sink (with matching corner cabinet above) and a smaller toilet.


We decided on a colour scheme for the tiles – grey and teal.  

These are the teal tiles.  The grey ones are a bit smoother but similar in colour.  You get the gist. We’ll have it entirely tiled around the shower area and then half-way up the wall around the rest of the room.  Above that will be white painted walls.

We went for a unique idea for the bedroom lighting that our contractor suggested – a pendant light made out of independent bulbs which can be hung in a variety of configurations and lengths – we’ll have to work on how exactly it will be hung but here’s an example of the fixture being used a bit more ‘traditionally’.

We don’t have the ceiling height to have them hanging down like this, so the cables will be shortened but it will add light all over the room.  Very different but hopefully very cool.

The other lighting fixtures are more ‘normal’:

For the small single bedroom that we are constructing from the old area where the original staircase was located (not too dissimilar to other lights we have).

On the landing – hoping to tie in the other lighting in our house and the bedroom lighting – I think it will work.

I’ve also purchased the sockets and switches, but they are so boring, I won’t post pics of those.

Next decision – the radiators for the bedroom and bathroom.


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