The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

IKEA furniture is almost finished

Since there is absolutely no storage built into our new bedroom, we had to order some.  And as we found our current IKEA wardrobes to be fabulous, we decided to get them for our new bedroom, as well as two tall 5-drawer dressers.

We have finished the dressers and put together the carcasses of the wardrobes along with the doors (which need handles) this past weekend AND we didn’t even kill each other, which was amazing.  Today, I put together four of the drawers which will go into the wardrobes.  They’re going to fit perfectly with the bedside tables and the colours of the room.  It is a bit crowded (as you will see), but hopefully it won’t be a problem.  It’s something we can live with.

This weekend we’ll finish the wardrobes, fix the one dresser which seems to be leaning to the right and finish mucking out my FIL’s bedroom (we have so much more furniture and clothing to remove).  And then…moving day will be upon us.  SCARY!

(The piece to the left of the wardrobe is not a piece of furniture, but rather a component of the wardrobe).

This is the work I did today:


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