The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

New furniture

We are adding new furniture to our future bedroom and our move date has been finalised. We’ve added two bedside tables from Marks & Spencer and purchased wardrobes and tall skinny dressers from IKEA (which will be delivered in two days).

Here are the bedside tables:

My project for next week will be to clean and work on the light fixtures in the room. Here are two pics of them. They are originals and fit with the 1920s style of the house and hopefully will work with everything we’re putting into the room.

I wish they were a brushed chrome or silver to go with our bed and bedside tables, but such is life. Right now we’re not interested in replacing them.

This weekend our tasks will be to put together the IKEA stuff (huge) and get rid of stuff from another bedroom. This is the biggie! There is more in this room than another of the others (we’ve already cleared two rooms) so it’ll be a challenge. Amazingly enough, almost every single thing we’ve put outside has been snatched up – from furniture to very old TVs to a lamp (ugliest thing I’ve seen).

Move in date: 17th JUNE!!!

Start of work on our current house: 13th JULY!!!


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