The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

A short countdown…

We have only a few more weeks until the back garden will be finished.  We began the process of removing the rubble yesterday, getting rid of over half the bags.  Here’s what we have left:


We are lucky that our local council sponsors a recycling centre where we can dump building materials as well as almost any other thing you can carry to it.

On June 11th, we’ll be having our artificial lawn installed by Hi-Tech Turf.  We are getting the HT Premier, which looks very realistic and feels VERY soft.


Next year we’re hoping to put decking over the space where the concrete is located, but for now, it’s a good enough surface for us to use for eating/bbq.


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4 thoughts on “A short countdown…

  1. munichbavaria on said:

    It looks like it’s really coming along! I had no idea you can get an artificial lawn put in – how does that work when you get your dog?

  2. mrsukyankee on said:

    It’s great for a dog! All you have to do is wash it down once in a while (after picking up poop). No worries about yellow lawn bits or it getting dug into as it’s almost impossible for a dog to get their claws into it!

  3. Can you replace it in patches? I have visions of a puppy digging holes in it.

  4. mrsukyankee on said:

    Yup, very easily. We won’t be getting a puppy luckily…a grown dog through a rescue, so hoping no patch needed!

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