The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Day 3 – the back garden continues

Despite back pain and broken nails, Liane and Roy have continued on with their back garden/yard work.  It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t look like much has been done in the hours spent…but really – a lot has been (considering it’s their holiday!)

The whole right side of the garden in front of the round raised bed was dug up & roots (way too many of them) were removed.  We got at most of them, though a few are too close to the concrete for us to get at…need more tools!

This is dirt we dumped in the place where we removed the plants.

This is where the dirt came from.  We removed most of the dirt so that Roy can get rid of the brick – he needs room to knock ’em out.

Finally – we removed the rest of the brick from the left side raised bed…we now have 22 rubble bags full of brick, plus more brick too big for the bags just hanging out.

We were able to push a bunch of the dirt to the fence, making it easier to knock out the rest of the brick.

So – Day 4 tomorrow.  Won’t have as much time to do stuff…but hope to knock down the rest of the brick & pull up the tiles they used to line the walk-way.


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