The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

The final countdown

So we’re heading toward the end of our work on the house.  We’ll still have a lot of stuff yet to do – like put together beds, wardrobes, etc and do a lot of decorating.  But overall…we’ve very, very close.  So a few pics before the final before & after renovation tour.  (And then I might turn this blog into a decorating blog…).

Note the lovely shine…this will not last for long!

One of the new curtains we’ve picked out.  This wine one will go in the yellow room.

A security light out front.

We’re now all fitted with carpet…a lovely creamish colour in the bedrooms, a toffee in the hall & stairs and chocolate brown in the study.

We have new lights in the upstairs bathroom…but we may have to change them as they constitute mood lighting – so no chance that I could do my makeup in the bathroom…then again the downstairs loo has plenty of light so that may be my new get gorgeous room!

New windows for the kitchen!

Work on the new doors.

More pictures to come (hopefully) tomorrow night…but then not again until the new year.


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