The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Kitchen updates

Despite the upset with the insulation (as described in my last post), there were a few things that have been done well.

Outlets have been installed.  We love the fact that they are silver in colour instead of the typical cream/white.  You can see that they are a bit different in the UK as you have to turn the outlet on to use it (which I kinda like as it saves energy just a touch).  Thanks to suggestions from family, we have a TON of outlets…probably more than we will normally use.

The ‘outlet’ on the left is the phone connection…a great thing to have in a kitchen!

A few finishing touches are being put in the kitchen, from laying the granite worktops (lovely!), to putting in the sink (no pic yet), to putting in the cooker (oven) and the extractor fan (fell in love with this!). 

 This is where our dishwasher is well hidden – they had to ‘build’ the end bit just for it.

 The very dusty granite worksurface.  It’s great – it is black but it has bits of brown/rust in it, which goes very well with the kitchen cabinets.




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