The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two


So everything seems  to be going well.  The kitchen is looking lovely.  It’s kinda on track.  And then, you find something wrong.  Something quite big.

The builders did not insulate the part of the kitchen in the extension.  They had ripped out the ceiling, took out the insulation and put in a new ceiling.  We had asked our contractor if they were replacing the insulation.  He said yes.  And then on Friday night after meeting with the contractor we went to the house.  One of the spotlights in that section was up in the hole, so you could see up into the area above the ceiling.  And there was nothing.  Nada.  They haven’t put in insulation.  We called the contractor immediately and he said he’d check it out.

Today we went to the house.  They had put the lights up in the ceiling so we could no longer see into the holes.  But as we felt the ceiling, we could tell the difference between the insulated area and this area.  Our kitchen extension has a cold ceiling.  Are they trying to hide the fact that they still haven’t done a thing?  We hope not.  Anyway – we’re not paying another penny until this is rectified.  And of course it means that things are going to be put off most likely as they may have to put a hole in to put in the insulation.   And this peeves me off.


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