The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Some finishing touches…

It’s been confirmed today by the builder – they will be done at the weekend.  And so the carpet will be laid on a week from Monday.  Which means our move in date on the 17th is final.  Our contractor is going to lend his van and his guys to move all our stuff that day (as well as a few days prior if we want…I’d rather be around).  So there will be massive numbers of changes over the next week…all of which will be shown in pictures!

The downstairs’ lights haven’t really been put in as the painting hasn’t really completed.  The only exception is the hallway light.  As you can see here, we’re going with a more modern feel throughout the ground floor & using a ‘spotlight’ theme.

I like the fact that you can move the lights around to focus on different areas/items in the hallways.

Staying on the ground floor…the tiling in the half-bath is almost done.  They’ve also put down the base for the floor tiles.  I expect that those will be laid tomorrow & grouting will begin soon thereafter.

The kitchen is almost entirely laid to tile.  We were asked which floor board we want for the adjacent living room & so we put down the boards next to the tile & next to the kitchen cabinets.  We decided to go with the darker wood as it’s a bit warmer and will go well with the hallway wood flooring.  Note in the first pic that the flooring is not as red as it shows (nor are the cabinets).  I just didn’t bother to try to fix it.


Upstairs in the bathroom, they’ve put in the cabinet that will host our sink and our toilet.  It currently has a black top but we’re changing it over to something that is tan which will go so much better with the brown/tan tiles.  I think in the future we may get a wood version of this as it would work well with the tiles, but we just didn’t have the budget for it.


You can see from this how small the bathroom is, but that’s London living at times.  Someday I’d love to have a place with a large bathroom but it’s not happening any time soon!

A final little pic…of our new shower head and the water coming out of it…how awesome is this?


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2 thoughts on “Some finishing touches…

  1. Looks wonderful!!! Things are coming today and they do at this stage quickly!

  2. the shower head looks divine! love it!

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