The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Colour & Warmth

Went to the house today and took a few pics…things are moving forward.  The upstairs bathroom is getting there…

In the main bathroom, the tiles are all on the floor & walls with most of the grouting done and the underfloor heating is working.  I could walk on the flooring and it was WARM!!!  I can’t wait to get out of a shower in the winter and feel that mmmmm!  As for the shower, the shower head is amazing…it’s HUGE.  It’s gonna be like standing under a waterfall.  And our towels will be warm due to the heated towel rack.

In the half-bath, they have begun to tile.

The upstairs is pretty much painted.  From the loft bedroom which has new spot lights and a clean white coat of paint, to the hallways which are a lovely light shade of pale yellow.  The bedroom is an amazingly rich apple green (a shade which I can’t take a pic of in the dark and have it turn out…will have to work on that) and the second bedroom is a chiffon yellow.  New lights have been put in both bedrooms.

Downstairs they’ve begun to put in the underfloor heating, which will be in the kitchen, dining area & living room (or rear reception room as it’s called here).  Can’t wait to see what has happened by Sunday, when I can take daylight photos!







As you can see, the place is still quite messy.  But it’s getting there.


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