The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Beds and the t.v. cabinet

We have chosen our new beds.  We’re moving to a king size (UK) for our master and we’ll have a double in the guest room.  We are lucky that Roy’s cousin has a showroom, The Original Bedstead Company, in London on King’s Road (near Chelsea football team’s stadium….boo them) and offered us these two beds.  We are grateful and fortunate.


Our master bedroom bed


The bed for our guest bedroom.

I also turned in my own design for a tv cabinet to a wood worker.  He’s the same guy who we’ve bought our table & chairs from.  The reason we decided to do this is that they just don’t seem to have ready made cabinets like I’ve seen in the US, unless you want to spend £1,000’s!  So we’ll see if we can afford what I’ve designed:


The guy said that he would make it look better (cause I’m not a designer) and then get back to me soon about price and potential delivery.


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One thought on “Beds and the t.v. cabinet

  1. They look really nice!!! I am sure you can’t wait at this point to sleep on it!

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