The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Why we don’t like rain…

Normally rain does not bother either Roy or me.  It’s part of life.  It sounds kinda nice.  And as long as I don’t have to play field hockey in it, then it’s fine.  But right now it’s effecting our move-in date and we’re just not happy!

Rain is wrecking havoc on the drying time of the plaster and the paint.  It’s making it more difficult for the guy putting in the tiling.  So what ought to have taken just one week is now taking two or three.  We ought to have been moving in next week or so…now it might not be until mid-December.  Wah!!!

At least they are starting to configure the kitchen cabinets.   There’s a few things that aren’t great or won’t work out perfectly due to the size and layout of the kitchen, but a lot of it will work out perfectly (I hope!).


You can kinda see the ‘holes’ where everything is going to go…dishwasher to left of window, cooker (oven/stove) to the right, washing maching in the back on left with the fridge-freezer next to the tall larder. I’m hoping it all fits!


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