The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two


I’d hate to be a contractor.  Well, maybe my contractor.  Cause every single day I seem to send him at least one or two emails (or more), and I make him meet us on Sundays as I’m always busy during the week and on Saturdays.

A few examples of the emails:

“Just a reminder about the window.  When are you going to replace it?”

“How do you open up the second door in the French doors?  We couldn’t get them to work last night.”

“We don’t like the tile we see in the living room.  Is that for the bathroom?  If it is, we need to talk about this on Sunday and pick out something else.”

Etc, etc, etc.  And we’re only one of his clients.  I can imagine that with a few more, half your day is taken up just answering emails.

This Sunday, we spent some time with the contractor looking at potential built in wardrobes (closets).  But we’ve decided that £5,500 is way too much for this right now, so we’re IKEA bound for our wardrobe selection…we figured out last night that we’d spend about £1,250 instead…though it’d be our own labour and so more of a pain…but so worth it!  We also talked about carpet.  We went with a chocolate brown in the study which will go nicely with the wood & yellow-orange paint on the walls.  We went with a cream in the bedrooms.  And a colour called ‘cereal’ in the hallway & on the stairs, which is kinda like this:

 Though maybe a bit darker.

We saw that our kitchen cabinets are in, as is the cooker & hood for over it.  And all our bathroom fittings and fixtures are ready to be put in.  Yay!  Can’t wait to see how it looks in one week…


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