The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Dryer? No dryer?

Our contractor asked us on Saturday whether or not we would prefer to have a tumble dryer or not (and a comment came through asking the same thing).  It would have to be stacked on top of the washer, and I’d have to give up my pull out larder…which looks something like this:

Roy and I have decided to go with the pull-out larder instead of the dryer…a thought which would never have crossed my mind 2 years ago, or even perhaps last month.  But I’m becoming much more eco conscious…thrifty…and prefer to have the space used for storing food to cook with, then using it to have a tumble dryer.  The energy consumption of a dryer here isn’t worth it to me.

I know, so not American in thought.  But I don’t mind putting my clothing on a drying rack or hanging it outside when it’s sunny.  I’m sure there will be times when I’m kicking myself for doing this, but as we have enough space for a drying rack to hide, it just makes more sense.


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2 thoughts on “Dryer? No dryer?

  1. Don’t know if you have thought about it but what about putting the washer upstairs in a closet of some sort? Don’t know if you have room but it saves hauling the clothes upstairs and down. That is our current layout in london and we love it!

  2. alicia on said:

    the heated towel rack also comes in handy as a drying rack. I would place my stuff on it in the winter time and presto stuff was drying faster than hanging.

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