The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

A door and some other stuff

This is an example of the door we will have off of the dining area coming out into the back garden (back yard).  It’s good as the doors can be opened wide outward so for parties or comfy days, people can come in and out easily.  In addition, the little window in the top left of the pic can be opened to let in just a touch of fresh air without having to open up the doors. 

Normally I wouldn’t replace the external door as it’s fine enough looking…but it’s broken…it still locks but the bottom doesn’t fit correctly and I can see it as an energy loser.

We’ve also chosen a few of the appliances (or at least have a few options)…

Baumatic cooker with gas oven & grill

Roy really wants a gas oven and grill, and this is probably the best one I could find.  We’ll see though…

Bosch washing machine.   We may not get this exact one, but we’ll definitely get a Bosch as they get great reviews.

Bosch dishwasher   This will be integrated within the lower cabinets.  The other possibility is the Miele.

And finally the fridge freezer.  We couldn’t decide if we really needed an ‘American Fridge Freezer’…and we decided against it.  The kitchen isn’t really big enough for it and we don’t need a fridge that huge.  So we went with the lovely Miele fridge freezer:

It’s kinda exciting to be figuring all this out.  And we’ve been told that the work ought to be done in about 5 more weeks…so that takes us to the end of November/beginning of December.  We’re figuring out colours and rugs and all that…it’s going well I guess!


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2 thoughts on “A door and some other stuff

  1. What about a dryer? Are you going to splurge for one????? I love the stove!

  2. I have that fridge/freezer and it’s fantastic.

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