The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

And work has begun…

Yes, the bathtub and cooker are in my front drive.  Can’t wait for the skip to arrive.  Chav-tastic!

Carpet stripped off the staircase.

Not much done in the library/study…seems to be a staging room for other work.  Though they did strip the carpet.

The kitchen is gone.  Fully gone.

Wood flooring under the horrid vinyl.

One of the two chimney breasts/fireplaces that are being removed…the other one looks exactly the same.  We are keeping one of the fireplaces (in the study).

Bathroom is gone and stripped…just the toilet remaining.

Lots more stuff to get rid of.  Hallway carpet stipped…no more tiles in bathroom.

Downstairs toilet is gone…not bad for the first day’s work!


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6 thoughts on “And work has begun…

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  2. I love that you found wood under the vinyl! Can’t wait to see more progress!

  3. Please tell me you are keeping the amazing hardwood floors you found. That is an incredible find. I hope you can refinish them!!!!

  4. mrsukyankee on said:

    The contractor is leaving the vinyl on the floor to protect the wood…so we’re hoping it can be saved. Glad he was in agreement with us! It’d be awesome to have that.

    We’re going to have oak in the living room area and carpet in the library/study, so original wood would be nice!

  5. Looks great!!!! I am sort of glad that we are not home right now to see what ours looks like. I am living through yours 🙂

  6. If it makes you feel any better we have a big dumpster sitting in our driveway while they finish our basement and while it sucks at least it means work is getting done!

    I am so excited for you guys, it is all beginning, yay!!

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