The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Just a quick update…

We have chosen a builder.  His shop is right about the corner from where our house is, so convenient.  He will be able to supply everything from kitchen & bathroom suites to the lights and paint.  This, along with a comparible quote to others, made him the right choice for us.  As we are both crazy busy at work right now, we just don’t have the time to source our own materials…and his prices sound reasonable. 

Next Saturday we’ll get to look at door samples for the two kitchens as well as two bathtubs.  One bath is steel and quite deep.  I’ve read some good things about steel baths, so I do want to check it out.  The other bath is not as deep and plastic, but would be a jacuzzi bath.  Oh, the decisions!

This weekend we went to B&Q (a DIY shop) and got tons of pots of paint to try out.  We’ve chosen a gold colour for our study – it’s lovely and rich and deep and will go with the dark wood in there.  We’re pretty certain we’ll do a slightly silvery white in the hallway.  Upstairs we liked a butterscotch colour for the second bedroom. But not sure yet what we’ll do in the kitchen, living room or master bedroom.  We’ll get some more paint samples and try again this weekend.


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