The ups and downs of renovating a house

…or two

Meeting with builders

We met with one builder on Sunday.  His name is Igor.  Yes, Igor.  He seemed quite knowledgeable and asked some good questions.  His focus seemed to be on the electrics and basics of where things were going to go.  We were able to see some work in progress which looked quite nice.  The negative to working with him is that we’d have to source our own stuff entirely – from kitchen units to lighting to flooring.  But in some ways that’s good as we can find the best prices available.

Another builder met with us this morning.  He has his own construction company which also has ties to kitchen and bathroom furniture companies as well as tiles & worktops.  So we’d be able to get EVERYTHING done through him, including removing fireplaces and painting rooms.  This guy also seemed knowledgeable and asked some good questions as well as pointed out a few things that could and couldn’t be done.  He did point out that the low ceiling height might be an issue for upper cupboards…which is something we wouldn’t have noticed at all.  We’re going to meet with him at his showroom on Saturday to look at samples and talk a bit more about what’s available for us.

We have three more builders coming to see our house and I’m sure it will be more of the same.  I think decisions will be tough, but it’s good to have options.  I’m just looking forward to it all getting done and moving in.  But I gotta have some patience as it’s going to take some time!


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One thought on “Meeting with builders

  1. Best of luck with the contractors and definetly sit down and take the time to hash through all of their bids for the job for the pros and cons. It is hard and you don’t know if you make the right decision until it is all done. We are going wtih something where we buy the stuff since we are given an “allowance” in his budget for those items and if we go under it is our savings and if we go over then we are obviously out of pocket. It is kind of nice though since we can look for some deals!

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